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My name is James(left) and I'm currently an active duty sailor on Naval Submarine Base New London and have been in the Navy since December of 2015. I was born and raised in Michigan, but now call Quaker Hill home with my wife Bella, and three young children Gemma, PJ, and Bo.

Simon(right) is my older brother and also served in the United States Navy from 2006-2012. He then worked for eight years in a civilian nuclear chemistry department. He's now mainly focused on helping people discover the intellectual side of Christianity through in-person classes and his website,

But he's happy to get his hands dirty with his younger brother.

This business was formed as something I could grow that would give me stability when I transfer back to civilian life. It will give me the opportunity to be the boss after years of being a junior enlisted sailor. I look forward to growing my business and serving New London County for years to come.

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