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Foreclosure Clean-Outs

Full Dumpster from Foreclosure Clean Out

Why Choose US?

Our professionals are experienced in handling the extensive and often complex clean-up required in foreclosed properties, saving time and energy. Handling a foreclosure cleanout can be overwhelming. Let our professionals take on the burden, allowing you property owners or managers to focus on other important tasks.

How it Works

Our process for foreclosure cleanouts is detailed and customer-focused:

  1. Initial Planning: We start by scheduling a visit to the property to assess the scope of the cleanout, ensuring an accurate estimate of time, labor, and pricing.

  2. Efficient Removal: Upon your approval, our team begins the cleanout process, meticulously gathering, sorting, removing, and loading all junk and debris.

  3. Final Cleanup: The job isn’t complete until we’ve conducted a final walkthrough, ensuring that all debris is removed and the property is left clean.

Full dumpster from Foreclosure Clean Out
Professional Foreclosure Clean Out

Your Space Reclaimed

Now with your property cleared of all the clutter it will be ready for renovations or one GIANT step closer to renters or hitting the market. 

Choose J. R. Junk Removal for Professional, fast, and friendly foreclosure clean out services. Contact us today! 


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